12 Month Check-Up...


Today we experienced the dreaded 12 month check-up. To say it was awful is an understatement. 
It was all fun and games while getting their ears and mouths checked. 
I'm certain they will never go near that nurse again! 
Kensington went first since Josh was holding her. 
I stepped outside of the room with Quinn to prevent her from getting upset before it was her turn. 
Within seconds all I could hear was screaming and Josh saying, "All done!"
We switched babies and I attempted to calm, a very upset, Kensington. 
Quinn's shots were over quickly but not without a major meltdown from her as well. 
The hardest part about being a twin mom is during shots or times of illness. 
It is extremely difficult to hold and console two screaming infants. 
Today I tried to hold them both equally and let them both know that Mommy was there. 
I sat in the backseat on the short ride home and held each of their hands. 
Upon arrival they both took a bottle and went straight down for a late nap. 
After two hours we woke them and fed them dinner. 
What do the Zabies want for dinner after shots? 
And that is just what they got!

The Zabies 12 Month Stats:
Kensington Rose: 20 lbs 4 oz & 30 ½ inches tall
Quinn Harper: 20 lbs 4 oz  & 31 inches tall

23rd Percentile for weight &
 92nd & 95th Percentile for Height

Great report for the Zabies! 
You would never guess that they were 8 weeks early by looking at them!

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