What to expect...


Do you have any idea how much pressure there is when making your "first" blog post? The pressure is INSANE!!! You have to make it count and have a lasting impression. 

When I decided to create a blog I had a pretty good idea what direction 
I wanted to go in with my blogging. 
Here is my inspiration. The Zabies. 
Photography by: Nicole James Photography
What you can expect to see here on Zabie Love.
Life with twins will be my main focus. 
From breastfeeding, pumping, solid-food feeding, caring for, 
scheduling, traveling, bathing & family activities with twins
to keeping an organized home
& maintaining me time in the midst of being a mother of twins!
We had our kids to live life with them right?
Infertility, pregnancy, bed rest and birthing will also be topics that I cover
that are near and dear to my heart. 
I hope to offer support and a fresh perspective to new moms,
moms who have growing families
 & seasoned moms who could 
probably certainly teach me a thing or two. 
I hope to be posting a lot in the coming days to get the ball rollin'. 

One of my all time favorite pictures.
 There is something about a twin bond that I'll never understand!
Sweet sisters holding hands. 

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