Sister Love...


I am an only child by birth. My cousins are like my siblings. My brothers. My sisters. 
When the Zabies were born two of my nearest and dearest cousins flew to CNY 
to support me in my new mommy role. 
Although they are younger than I, they had a lot of support for this hormonal, crazy new Mommy. 

Heather was here during the NICU days. She cleaned, cooked and even painted our master bath in our new home that desperately needed a fresh coat of paint. 
She took photos of moments that I didn't have time or energy to capture. 
I remember, sobbingly, leaving the NICU at the end of the day and her placing her hand, ever so softly, on my back so that I knew she was there. 
She's my sister. That's what sisters do. 
Heather holding Quinn in the NICU
Felicia arrived a few weeks later exactly when I needed her most... first shots.
 I vividly remember crying, as both babies screamed, while I was phoning in to their pediatrician to discuss a reaction around Kensington's injection site 
and the correct dosing of Tylenol for my clearly uncomfortable babies.  
Felicia calmly held both crying screaming babies. 
She rocked and sang to them as I prepared their medicine. 
She slept with me several nights to give Josh a break since he was back to work; 
she helped with the nightly routine of bottles and diapers like they were her own children. 
She is my sister. That's what sisters do. 
Felicia holding the Zabies- Thanksgiving 2013
The bond that I share with Felicia and Heather is really special to me. 
The fact that the Zabies' bond is ten-fold what I have experienced
 is truly an amazing and awesome thing!
I am so thankful that my girls have each other and love each other unconditionally. 

Kensington giving Quinn love
Melt my heart!


"Sisters are angels who lift us to our feet 
when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly." 
- Author Unknown

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