2nd Birthday Party|| Part 2


The People

I didn't get around to taking photos of all the guests but managed to get a few. 
Here is the "help", the ladies behind the beauty of the party! 
The party wouldn't have happened or I would have ran around like a chicken the entire party without them. I am so thankful for my more-than-willing-to-help family. 

These two.
 I was just tickled pink when they met. I'm pretty sure my Granny's (right) eyes lit up when she saw Josh's Aunt Betty (left) walk through the door. They sat and chatted for the longest time and it was just the cutest. Aunt Betty told me they had a lot in common and really enjoyed getting to know each other! I just swoon over a cute little old lady friends and I think they could be the best of friends if there weren't 8 hours of driving between them! Pen pals? I may plant a seed in my Granny's ear. All the heart eyes y'all! 

The Waser ladies with my mother-in-love. 
One of the most exciting parts about living in St. Louis is that the Waser crew lives nearby. We have gotten to see them a few times and are so excited about all of the opportunities to celebrate with one another now that we live here. 

The Zabies got this adorable table for their birthday from their Daddy and I. 
I picked out the wood and Daddy built it with the help of our friend Chris and Pawpaw (my dad).
All the kids loved the table and fought over the chairs. 
We improvised using adirondack chairs and drums for seats.  

This little peanut is just the sweetest. 

Happy Birthday singing time!

Check out that sad face. 
She wasn't so sure. 
Only seconds before full blown tears. 

See that tear? Sweet girl. 

Of course I always wish I had gotten more photos but I am thankful I have the ones that we do. 
We are so thankful that many of our family members and new friends could join us to celebrate the biggest blessings in our lives. 

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  1. Looks like you had a great party! How fun! Have you started planning for their 3rd birthday yet?!? :)