Birthday Traditions


The morning started bright and early for Mommy and Daddy. 
We got up and ready for the day before the girls ever woke up to make sure that the entire day was focused on them.
When we heard the first noises of them being awake we giddily snuck into their room to draw the curtains and turn on the lights all while singing happy birthday to them both. 
I had my camera in tow and snapped photos of them both. 
Can't you tell that Kensington was thrilled to have her picture taken right off the hitch?
Quinn was much more excited to be woken with singing and picture taking. 

Originally we were suppose to be in Colorado for a wedding of Josh's co-worker and his fianc√© but life happens and work happens so we ended up being home leaving me in a mad dash the day before to prep a few special things for the birthday girls on their birthday such as streamers! 

The girls ran through them and re-ran through them. 
I say it's a win!

What's a birthday without balloons?
We blew up one pack of balloons for the birthday girls to enjoy all day long and they loved them!

One of our traditions is to give the girls a few of our gifts on their birthday instead of at their party. 
Their favorite was in this package.

They call her "Meme" and just adore her!
They are huge Doc McStuffins fans!
Bedtime, breakfast, snacks, lunch, nap time, and supper are not complete unless Meme is there to share it with them. 

After gift opening they politely request to "eat pease!" 
We had special muffins waiting for them with another round of happy birthday singing!

Then we got them dressed and ready to head to the Zoo. 
It still amazes me how much older they looked when they woke up that day. 
It's nuts!

Our Birthday Family Portrait

This photo was taken while looking that the "Ee-Ees" aka Monkeys. 
You know... a monkey says, " ee-ee oo-oo ah-ah!"
Monkeys are currently their favorite animal and they absolutely loved seeing them in real life. 
The birthday girls got to watch Doc in the car since it was their special day. 

Once we got home the girls napped while Josh and I got everything prepped for supper-making. 
Of course we sang to them, again, upon waking up!

Last year I did a lot of thinking about a fun tradition and how to make their birthday special even though they have to share the day. I mean I think it's pretty special to share your birthday with your best-friend and womb-mate but wanted to make sure it feels special every year. My mom always makes me feel special by cooking my favorite supper but how on earth would I cook TWO favorite suppers on their actual birthday without someone feeling like they got the short end of the stick?
That's when I had the idea to make homemade pizzas that they could decorate with their favorite toppings but who am I kidding- I will also be cooking favorite suppers the days leading up or following their birthday as they get older!
Back to the pizza! 
Last year we made homemade pizza with a family friend's super secret and very special recipe. 
It is amazing and probably the best pizza I have ever eaten. 
This year the pizza was just as yummy but my yeast was old (or my water temp was wrong) so I had flat dough. This has never happened to me and we made this a lot in New York. Our water here is much different, very hard but overly soft from extreme softening by the city (if that makes any sense).  Anyhow, flat dough and an oven that is not my friend doesn't mix well. Thankfully it still tasted great but not the amazing pizza that we are use to. 

See flat dough!

The toppings

I prepped one pizza to get it cooking so that when the girls demanded to eat we had a cooked and ready to enjoy pizza. 

Despite the flat dough issue they girls enjoyed making their own pizzas.
Every bite of their pizzas were unique. You never knew what you'd get since the toppings were just kind of dumped in one place.

The girls are such big helpers these days, especially in the kitchen. 

There were a lot of Mommy demonstrating moments followed by Zabies doing the same thing. 
We mixed it up this year and used regular mozzarella for two pizzas and tried provel for the other since it is unique to St. Louis. 

Making homemade pizzas is one of my favorite things to do with the girls. I can't wait to see how their preferences change every year for decorating their own pizzas, from toppings to design. 

We ended our day with homemade cupcakes, bubble baths, more singing of happy birthday and reading our favorite birthday books- Happy Birthday Mouse and On the Night you were born.

I am giggling at how many times we sang happy birthday to the girls because every morning Kensington wakes up singing, "Happy Happy Happy" over and over again until I make it into their room.

List of Traditions 
Bedtime picture of the girls together
Individual pictures of them before the clock strikes midnight while sleeping (see here)
Singing of Happy Birthday to each of them upon waking in the morning and from nap(s)
Special birthday breakfast of muffins
Daddy takes the day off
Family day of just the four of us 
Special homemade pizza making
Homemade cupcakes + more happy birthday singing
Reading of  Happy Birthday Mouse and On the Night you were born

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