It's the Little Things Link-Up + Movers


Today I am linking- up with Jess who blogs over at Sadie Sky Boutique for It's the Little Things Link-up.  Go check out her blog and weekly Wednesday link-up!

Movers have descended upon us. 
Everything that the girls know and love about our home has quickly changed. 
While Kensington is unfazed by the packing of all of our cherished family items, Quinn has started having some separation anxiety as a result of it all. 
Accomplishing anything the past two days has been very difficult without a crying Quinn nearby. 
She would rather I sit and hold her until it's all over and done, which is totally unlike her. 
Thankfully, the packers have been amazing with the girls. 
They greet them every morning and have conversations with them throughout the day. 
The guy who has been packing our kitchen let the girls help stuff paper into the boxes for extra cushion. We also made a tunnel and fort out of boxes. Everyone has been letting them "help" draw smiley faces on the extra heavy boxes, too. 
At the end of the day all they wanted to do was stuff more boxes with paper. 
Boxes and paper are truly a toddler's favorite thing to play with!

It's the little things that people do for us that makes difficult situations a little more bearable. 
I am so thankful that our moving crew is so kid friendly. 
It makes this move much more bearable. 

Has anyone done anything for you, recently, that made a difficult situation seem more bearable?
I love to hear about people doing nice things for others so I want to hear about it!!

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2 Responses to “It's the Little Things Link-Up + Movers”

  1. Brings back memories from 1992 when we moved from Upstate NY to MN! Remember home is where your heart and people are ... not a building, not the stuff. Which I know you know!

  2. That's so great that the movers are being kind to your kids. I'm sure that's making this move at least a little bit easier for you.
    Good luck with your move!
    Amber at