Last Girl's Night in Syracuse


I just took a peak at the last month's worth of blogs to see what I have actually blogged about and what I haven't, boy do I have a lot to catch up on!

Rewind to Easter Sunday.
My guy was home all of 48 hours and departed with our fur babies for St. Louis Easter night.
Monday morning the packers arrived bright and early to start packing away all of our belongings and memories.
The girls were finally starting to feel better but Quinn started exhibiting major signs of separation anxiety. So despite the fact that I had hired help that week with the Zabies, I still had an appendage by the name of Quinn Harper.
Josh was scheduled to arrive back in Syracuse late Wednesday night, scheduled being the key word.
Bad weather in the mid-west caused his flight to be delayed out of St. Louis and he then missed his connection. Thursday was a day full of cancelled flights out of Chicago (where he landed around 3:00 AM). He moved his reservations around a few times and finally ended up getting a flight to Rochester, NY (that actually took off) and driving home to Syracuse, getting in around 7:30PM.

I had my last Girl's Night that night. We spent it in, in our pajamas to accommodate all of our tears.
It was a nice evening with the ladies I spent many of my days and nights with while I lived in Syracuse.
I love this group of ladies and I miss them terribly.
I just want to call them and schedule a play date.

Towards the end of the night they brought me this bag as a gift. It's a Wegmans cooler bag... a really nice cooler bag too! I had no idea what to expect inside of the bag but it was one of the most thoughtful gifts I could have ever gotten.

The bag was just the beginning of the trend of the items inside. 
The theme was Central New York. 
All things were special to Central New York. 
Such as Dinosaur Bar-B-Que sauce. 
Dinosaur is a local restaurant that is yum-o!

A Syracuse ornament was the perfect addition so I can add it to our tree this year.
And of course you can never have too many beer openers.

Lucky Goat is a local goat milk soap store in Skaneateles, NY. They have their own goats and make all of their own soaps. The store is super cute!

These Witty Wick candles are locally made and sold at the Farmers Market. They smell divine, are made of soy and their names are very witty. Your house or mine? When life hands you lemons, light up a jar of grass.  
Both appropriate candle names for the occasion. 
They also gave me a photo album of all of our play dates and family pictures of each of them. 
Syracuse Love.

This culinary flake salt is found at the bottom of one of the Finger Lakes, Seneca Lake. 

And my very own Syracuse Tee Shirt. 

I love this mug. I frequently refer to Syracuse or CNY as my home in New York but I lived in the Village of Baldwinsville and LOVED it. So this mug is very special to me. 

Terrell's is New York's only independent Potato Chip company. 
Potato Chips made by New Yorkers for New Yorkers. 
Very cool!

I loved my gifts from my girlfriends. 
I brought little pieces of CNY to St. Louis with me because of them. 
So sweet!

Last night I lit one of the candles that mirrored my mood.
When life hands you lemons, light up a jar of grass. 

I'm missing my friends. 
Is it too soon to visit?

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