The last few weeks have been crazy. I would be lying if I said that anything about moving 1,000 miles away for a job relocation is easy while your spouse is already in the new location, coupled with being sick and having sick children. 
A couple weeks ago I called my husband crying. I was sick with bronchitis and was barely able to complete the daily tasks that was needed of me for our girls. 
I just needed him to come home to help. 
My husband, who was thinking more clearly than I, quickly called my cousin who he knew was on spring break from her teaching job and recruited her for help. 
She was here for almost a week helping with everything.
He knew he could only come to help for 48 hours and that she would be of more help than he would. 
And boy was she!! 
She cooked us dinner, helped serve every meal, cleaned, changed diapers, played with the Zabies, read them books, kicked the soccer ball around with them and tons of other things.
It was neat to see the young, thriving and passionate teacher in her as she attempted to teach the Zabies things as she played or read to them.
It was all so nice as it gave me the opportunity to relax and heal.

The girls love their Auntie Heather {she's like a sister to me as mentioned here}.
Thankfully they remembered her from our recent trip to Georgia where she was luckily on winter break and could spend lots of time with the girls and I.
She made a great effort to see us while we were visiting, one of the many things I love about her.
We spent time hanging out, going to dinner and shopping.
All fun things that I love to do with her!

I'm currently smiling because I just re-read my sister love post which is also the post hyperlinked above. Reflecting on her time here and what to write about,  I remember feeling very guilty that I took her away from a week of freedom and relaxation to a house full of sickness and whining. She teaches a class of twenty-five 4th graders, so she needed the break. I'm smiling because I am reminded that she is like a sister to me... and that's what sisters do for one another. They drop everything, no matter the importance and help out. I still feel a little guilty because, let's be honest, sick twin toddlers is no cake walk but I'm also smiling because she did it with a smile on her face.
I am so thankful Josh flew Heather up from Georgia to have a partner to help with cleaning-up, baths and watching tv shows {and SO much more!}.
And that she so selflessly took the time to do so!

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  1. How sweet!! I am so glad you were able to get some help and I am sure he enjoyed being with you guys as well :)