Anniversary Weekend


Last weekend Josh and I celebrated our 6th anniversary. 
When we got married we decided that each of our anniversaries would be celebrated in a unique way. We would do something starting with the letter of the alphabet that coordinated with the year for the first 26 anniversaries. 1=A, 2=B, Etc.
We have a few friends who also started out doing this.
 It is fun because you have to really think about how you celebrate. 
This year was our sixth anniversary which meant the letter F. 
We chose to split the duties, I was in charge of the activity and Josh was in charge of supper. 
I surprised my guy with private Firearms Training.
 We both love to target practice but it's been quiet a while since either of us have done so and needed to brush up on our skills. 
Josh loved the training and we both learned a lot from the course. 
I think we both can agree that we walked away with better technique and aim. 

We changed clothes and went on to supper, taking plenty of selfies to document!

We went to an amazing restaurant that neither of us had ever been to. 
Josh might have taken the easy way out on this one saying that food starts with an F! 
Ha! Smooth one buddy, smooth one!
Apparently there weren't any restaurants that he wanted to go to that started with an F and since the food was so amazing at Scape he got a free pass!

Scape was in a beautiful part of St. Louis that I had never seen before. 
We really enjoyed our evening out. 

I can not believe that it's been six years! 
This guy is my person. 
He supports me in ways I never knew I could be supported, loves me unconditionally and is the most selfless person I know. 

Six years, two daughters, two dogs, three states and three houses later. 
My love has grown so much for him through it all! 
I cannot imagine doing life with anyone else. 

Here are some of my favorite photos from our wedding day. 
It is one of my most favorite days ever. 
We were married in Jekyll Island, GA. 
Jekyll Island is my favorite of the Golden Isles.
It is such a beautiful area- I'd love to live there one day!

Josh was getting "roasted" by his brother here. 

I still love to look back at our wedding photos. 
If you are planning a wedding in the Golden Isles area or Savannah, GA check out our wedding photographer, Brooke Roberts. She's simply amazing and is wonderful to work with. She has an incredible eye for detail and documents your wedding in a way that takes you back to your wedding day every time you look at your photos. 

Happy Tuesday! Friday is just around the corner, right?

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2 Responses to “Anniversary Weekend”

  1. Happy Anniversary!! Your wedding photos are STUNNING!!

    And I totally love your date :) Guns and food sounds right up our alley too!

  2. Um, how cool is your way of celebrating each year?? A = 1, etc. Love it! We do the "traditional gift" for the year - so boring compared to you!! Also, we had an August 2009 wedding as well :)