Looking Back


On this day two years ago I was admitted into the hospital for the 
second and final time for pre-term labor. 
The day went something like this:
First thing in the morning Josh brought me up a carnation instant breakfast and grape jelly toast- two of my favorite things while pregnant. 
I couldn't stomach eggs and needed protein so carnation instant breakfast helped a lot. 
Since I was on bedrest I stay upstairs in our master suite until close to noon. 
I watched the Today show followed by Kathy and Hoda. 
This was all a part of a normal daily routine since I could only go up stairs once per day and down once per day.
 Josh usually had plenty of water and snacks for me up stairs as well. 
After my favorite morning shows went off I showered and got ready for the day which usually meant wearing one of my guy's oversized shirts and leggings since my belly was rather large and nothing was really comfortable anymore. 
On this day I actually had to get "dressed" since it I had one of two weekly monitoring appointments. 
Every morning my phone rang and dinged like crazy! 
It was my sweet family checking on me and our sweet growing babies. 
This particular morning my Granny send me a text saying she wanted to see my beautiful face and see how big my bump had gotten- I remember thinking it must have taken her an hour to tap out that text from her little flip phone. 
I'm SO glad she sent me that text. 
It prompted me to take a photo of myself and my bump. 
It turned out to be the very last photo I took of my oversized belly before our babies were born. 

I then went on down the stairs for my once down that day and headed out for my doctor appointment. 
Josh had driven me to all of my appointments except this one. My OB office was literally in my neighborhood, maybe two miles away. 
When I got there they did a non-stress test and I explained that I was still having tightening but nothing painful. My favorite nurse took me down the hall to have an ultrasound done. This time it a labial ultrasound which is something I had never heard of or experienced. 
The ultrasound tech did her thing and told me to stay flat on my back while she asked the doctor a question. She and my nurse returned with a wheelchair and told me that I needed to go to the hospital immediately. Apparently the ultrasound indicated that my cervix was no longer there. 
I tried to get them to let me drive myself back home but they weren't having it and I had to call Josh to pick me up. Thankfully he only worked a mile from my OB office. 
He picked me up and we stopped by our house to grab our bags. 
While I was waiting in the car, trying not to walk more than I had to, I called and ordered a pizza from my favorite pizza place. Josh hopped back in the car and we went to get pizza on the way to the hospital. I remember Josh getting in the car with the pizza and sharing with me that when he mentioned his wife was in labor they really started rushing around to get our order ready. 
It still makes me giggle. 
My belly was so big that the pizza box wouldn't fit between me and the dashboard and had to sit on the dashboard. 
As we drove to the hospital I started having time-able contractions and they were slightly more uncomfortable but nothing that stopped me in my tracks.  
Our office had called the hospital to give them a heads up that we were on the way and we were admitted immediately. 
They gave examined me and started fluids. 
I was 90% effaced and dilated to 4cm. 
It looked as though this was the real deal. 
My goal was to get some rest until labor progressed but by days end labor completely stopped. 
Read how it all turned out here!

This is the first time I have written out the events of that day but I remember it like it was yesterday!
While I am remembering these events I am also celebrating our birthday girls all week long!! 

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4 Responses to “Looking Back”

  1. LOVE the pizza story!! My last bump pic with Mabel is a funny picture too. I sent Jim a text to say I was wearing his huge cotton elastic shorts lol. Two days later she was here!

    1. Haha! That's funny! Isn't it funny how things like that happen and later on we are so thankful we have the photo to look back on!?

  2. OMG your birth story. Just read it - you need a medal. It's nothing short of amazing. Also, welcome to the terrific twos!! My little guy was born in March 2013 and two is by far my favorite age ever!! Vocabularies go crazy and it's so wonderful :)

    1. Thank you! Two has been amazing so far and it's mind-blowing how much more they are saying over-night practically!