Happy Due Date


Today is a super special day, not only is it birthday eve for my duo 
but it is also my sweet sister-in-love's due date with baby number two! 

Can I tell you how freaking excited I am for that baby to be born?
I am more impatient about her arrival than I was my own children's arrival! 
I guess when your babies arrive nearly eight weeks early you don't get impatient as you see and then pass your due date. I digress.  
Well I have been sending her a daily reminder of the count down to baby for nearly two weeks (as if she doesn't know it herself!)  I'm nearly in shock that the littlest Zabie is still cooking! 
Bri, my sister-in-love, delivered my niece 10 days early nearly four years ago and her labor was pretty short in comparison to many day(s) long laboring stories you hear from first time moms. 

I remember the day well.
 My guy got a call bright and early from Drew, his little brother (by two years), telling him that I didn't look like they would make it to go target practicing on my dad's land stating, "well it looks like we are having a baby today!" Her arrival was PERFECT! Bri's parents were in town for Christmas and so were Drew's parents. We waited a few hours and by supper time we all headed to the hospital and patiently waited in the waiting room for Emerson to be born. 
We took photos, videos, shared in each other's excitement and cheered Bri on from the waiting room. 
It was an awesome experience! 
From the moment we were told she was pushing to the official proud daddy announcement was all of maybe 30 mins! It was crazy! 

I am so sad that we don't get to be in the waiting area sending waves of positivity, encouraging thoughts and prayers when the littles Zabie makes her debut.
One thing I know for sure and I've said it before- God's timing is perfect! 
Emerson's arrival was perfect for all of us to celebrate her in person and this little lady's will be perfect too! All of Bri's immediate family is with her now making me think that the timing got a lot more perfect for a special delivery anytime now. Like today. Right now. Come on kid, your auntie is dying over here!!If she doesn't come today, she is coming tomorrow because what are the odds that three Zabek gals share the same birthday?

Bri, we love you and will be "helping" you push from a far when the time comes!
 More importantly we will be praying for the safest and most special delivery for a very loved little lady. 

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  1. Thank you Tasha! Your support through this pregnancy has meant the world to me. I too hope our littlest Zabek decides to come meet her family soon. Emerson was painting a picture this morning for her "little sister that doesn't want to come home," lol. I remember how excited, scared, and relieved I was when your girls were born. I thought about your family every day and wished I could be there too. I can't believe Kensi and Quinn are already turning two, and I'm overjoyed to be the auntie to such sweet, beautiful, fun little ladies.