Today was the Zabies very first real snow experience.
 I mean they went on a sleigh ride last season but today they played in it. 

First we talked about going outside to play in the snow. 
As you can see Kensington is real impressed with my talk
& Quinn was clearly distracted.

 Then we put them on the sled. 

Kensington wasn't impressed at all at first. 

Quinn on the other hand warmed up to the snow very quickly, like her daddy. 

Josh tried very hard to distract Kensington.

All while Quinn was stuck in the snow

And eating the snow.

Kensington finally stopped crying so we stuck her in the snow too. 

She even smiled after a while.

We are SO BIG!

Daddy is having way more fun than the Zabies!

Quinn got upset because she had to stop playing to take a picture.

Kensi laughed as Josh walked away with her sister.

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