Winner, Winner Spaghetti Dinner


This week has been operation Zabies Eat What We Do.  My guy usually gets home a half hour after the Zabies finish their supper so eating as a family has been no existent except on the weekends. I have been working with getting the Zabies to eat a 5:30 supper instead of 5:00 and also only offering them what I have cooked for Josh and myself each night. 
Monday night we had Pot Roast with carrots and potatoes. It wasn't a huge success but they did eat it. They just didn't over indulge like they so often do. I'm okay with that... baby steps!

Last night, however, was a winner in the supper department. I cooked spaghetti and meat sauce for the first time since I stopped breastfeeding. We have been cutting carbs as of late but I quickly realized that our high protein diet isn't working with eating as a family and not being a short order cook. Everyone needs to eat the SAME meal each night. Mama and Daddy just have to figure out portion control... I digress. 
The girls LOVED this meal! I did cook penne pasta for them since we are fork training. They did GREAT! I mean even I have problems getting pasta on my fork and they completed the task like champs! I was so proud! Then I was shocked by them wanting to try my salad. I didn't offer them salad with their meal thinking they wouldn't like it. WRONG! They loved it and I got all of maybe five bites of my side salad, maybe. I guess nothing is off limits with these two little ladies!

First Quinn practiced poking her food

The she practiced taking bites 
Then she "double fisted" Sometimes using your hands just works better
Kensington practicing poking her food
Practicing taking bites
Then she agreed with Quinn that her hands were faster!

They seriously did such a great job and I had to refill both of their plates twice!!  They are definitely growing. I can't wait to see their stats on Friday at their 15 month appointment!

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2 Responses to “Winner, Winner Spaghetti Dinner”

  1. There is seriously nothing cuter (or messier) than little ones eating spaghetti dinner! Stopping by from the link up :)

  2. It is the best, Tawnya! My favorite meal for sure! Thanks for stopping by!