Deep Running Roots


Yesterday I mentioned how hard it was for me to leave the Zabies Nursery in New York. 
Sounds crazy, right?

Well let me fill you in. 

In August of 2009 my sweet guy and I got married in Jekyll Island, GA. 
We chose this location for many reasons- it's proximity to the ocean, it's beauty, and it's ability to house all of our family and friends in one location.
One thing we really loved about the location was the hundred year old oak trees. 
In a way these trees were symbolic.
They symbolize our roots running deep together and even the strongest winds can't make us falter.

The daily winds from the ocean and occasional winds from hurricanes have shaped them to be more beautiful than ever. 
That was what we hoped for our marriage (and family)- to grow, change shape and be stronger and more beautiful than ever as a result of any hard times along the way. 

When trying to decide how to decorate the Zabies room and trying to keep in gender neutral I scoured the internet of all things vinyl wall appliqué. 
Some things were too girly and some were too boyish. 
Then I came across some oak trees. 
That's when we decided that an oak tree would be perfect- it was everything we had envisioned for our family. 
Our roots had grown deeper, we were laying roots in New York and our babies were a part of that- not to mention that the tree looked a lot like the trees we said our vows under. 
Josh painted the room without my help since we were super cautious during my pregnancy so assembling the oak tree in their room was one thing we did together. 
It was one of the last things we did in preparations for our family to grow... as husband and wife... a family of two... and the only time we argued during the entire pregnancy! Let's just say his brain works differently than mine and we had differing approaches to getting the job done!

After all of our belongings had been moved out of our house my sweet friend, Stacy, did a photo shoot of us in the nursery in front of the tree. 
I will always cherish these photo and keep them close to my heart. 

I know sweet girl, it is so hard to say goodbye!

Looking at these photos makes me miss our home in New York. 
I also can't believe how much these cutie pies have grown in just three short months. 
Those outfits were 18 months and now they are 2T while knocking on 3T's door!
But with that said we are laying new roots and now our roots spread even further than before making us stronger than we ever had hoped!

We also had more family photos taken in and around our home but that's for another post!
Have you ever had to leave your babies' nursery behind or are you planning to?
I highly recommend an in home photo shoot!

Wedding Photos : Brooke Roberts Photography
Nursery Photos: Stacy Claire Photography 

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2 Responses to “Deep Running Roots”

  1. What a great idea to do a photo shoot in the nursery. Love the special meaning behind the trees - your wedding looked amazing! We had to leave Sweet P's nursery last year - definitely sad but making new memories in the new one now :)

    1. Amanda it was seriously one of the hardest things I've had to do emotionally speaking. I still get teary eyed thinking of all the sweet moments spent in that room but we are excited about new memories for sure!