Friday Favorites


This week has been a busy week of getting settled back in from our travels. 
Most of our moments this week was cleaning, washing laundry, folding laundry, cleaning out cars, organizing closets, etc.
What I am saying is nothing too exciting happened this week. 
What did happen that still has my heart melting is the way each of my sweet girls have been insisting they hug my neck BIG and give me the sweetest kisses. 
At any moment while playing in the floor with them or doing chores around the house Kensington will come up to me and pull at me with a smile. 
I usually squat down or I am already sitting on her level and she grabs my face and pulls me in for the sweetest kiss. Then she wraps her arms around my neck and hugs as tight as she can while saying, "awe!"
Of course Kensington can't get Mama hugs and Quinn not get any so within seconds Quinn is in my face repeating what her sister just did. They will usually do this a few times a piece until someone starts giggling and we all start laughing and being silly. 

I just adore this age. 

Yesterday while making a Costco run, Quinn insisted that she hug my neck every five minutes or so. 
I walked around the store with my arms wrapped around both of the girls while they both hugged me and patted my back saying, "Awe!"

It was one of the sweetest moments with my girls and my heart just explodes with love for them. 

They also practiced yelling while shaking their heads from side to side between hugs. 
I laughed so hard and every person that passed us joined in on the yelling or laughing. 
I love how friendly people were being with my yelling toddlers who one minute would put their finger to their mouths saying, "Shhhh!" and the next minute yelled to the top of their lungs. 

Every moment with these two is my favorite and I'm feeling incredibly blessed to be there Mama!

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  1. You are incredibly blessed! They are precious little girls!