Zabeks Lately


It's been a while once again, y'all. We have been traveling non-stop. 
I have always loved traveling and we have always been known to keep the roads hot but, man, I'm whooped from our latest travels. 
Here is what we have been up to lately. 
We drove to Georgia to visit family and friends, mainly the latter, the Thursday before July 4th. 
We pulled my dad's box trailer back with us since we have had it literally since we moved to New York... Oops! Thanks for letting us borrow it Dad!

We spent July 4th at our dear friends and God Parents of the Zabies home. 
Traditionally we have always spent this holiday with them. It's the boys favorite get-together since they love to shoot off fireworks and will only do so on this holiday. 

I didn't get many photos that night.
 My phone died. 
Total fail on my part.
But here are a couple from the day!

The next weekend we spent it with all of the Zabeks for a 2nd Biennial Family Reunion in the Great Smoky Mountains. Honestly, we were nervous about it all being in one house for four days but it with without a hitch! I think everyone was pleasantly surprised. It was SO nice to spend time with some of our distant relatives, for them to meet and get to know our girls, and to have this gorgeous view daily.

This is a great example of how the Smokies got their name.

Our evenings were spent with views like this. 

There was a pool down the hill and it was much easier to just drive down so we piled all of the kiddos into our (new) car. I can't even believe we fit so many into our car. Before we could barely sit ourselves in our old car. 

Such sweet memories made. 

All of the Zabek kiddos at the pool.
Notice the older twins holding the younger ones?
They think it's so cool to have another set of twins in the family 

After nap time we had a very upset Quinn. She didn't nap very long.
All she wanted was to be held and I was happy to do so!
Kensington insisted that I hold her too- so she could hold sister as well.
So stinkin' sweet!

They loved rocking in the rocking chairs and their Uncle Todd.

Josh and his brother went head-to-head in a game of twister.
I'll save you from the photo of someone's bum on someone's head. 

My guy insisted that we have this photo done of the Zabies and I love how it turned out!

The games in the cabin were on point! The kids and the adults loved them all!

This game went something like, "Hewow! Yeah! Bye Bye!" Over and over again in the cutest little voices you could ever imagine! 

Enjoying the massage chairs!

I just adore this photo of Kensington and Quinn with their cousins, Alaina and Emerson. 

Hollywood worthy little lady here!

While sister enjoyed every moment of pool time that she got!

Our time with our family ended much too soon and we cannot wait for the next get-together.

We made a stop in Nashville at one of my favorite little burger spots- the Pharmacy.
It is a locals spot.
The burgers are to die for and they make their own fountain drinks.
I'm still dreaming of the orange cream soda. 

So there you have it. 
We have been as busy as bees and are so thankful to be home for a long while! 
Have you done any fun traveling? I want to hear about it!

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2 Responses to “Zabeks Lately”

  1. Looks like tons of fun! We stayed at Gatlinburg Falls cabins a few years ago and they looked similar to your pictures. Loved that place!

  2. You have been busy busy!

    I can relate to the feeling of being a road warrior. Sometimes it feels like we're always headed somewhere! I'm home for a bit now but Jim leaves for Croatia in a week or so! Ack!