New Room for the Zabies


Moving has been one of the more complicated things I have done since becoming a mom. 
When we moved I cried for days over leaving our home that we brought our brand-spanking-new babies home to. Read about it here
The Zabies' nursery was my favorite room in the house. 
I just adored it. It was perfect. You can see it here
Now they have a new room and it is once again one of my favorite rooms in our house. 

As you can tell we had to drop the beds to the ground after two sweet little ladies were found quietly playing in their room one morning outside of their beds instead of in them. 

The hardest part was leaving our home in New York was the oak tree on their wall above their changing table (which I thought I blogged about but apparently never published it- no worries, I'll fill you in tomorrow). 
Since we moved into our new home I have been having battling over weather or not to put up another oak tree or to do something different. 
I usually change diapers on the ground so I decided it was time to get rid of the changing pad. 
Now we have a toddler room dresser instead of a changing table. 

We went with a fabric banner with light pink, gold and white tones.
We also decorated with a new lamp and repurposed basket.

The basket is used for housing our Bose Sound-link and old iPad which is used for white noise.
It also has many of their favorite bedtime books, a brush and hair bands. 

Although I'm still debating on what to do over the banner, 
I love how things have come together in their new space. 

If you have any suggestion of what to do over the banner, I'd love to hear them. 

Happy Tuesday!! XOXO!

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