We're Moving


Two years. That's how long my guy promised me would be the maximum amount of time we would live in Central New York the day we found out he was promoted to Senior Operations Manager for Budweiser. This news followed the news of our pregnancy by one day.

My words on moving day, "One day down... 729 to go."

Our CNY home taken on move-in day.
Fast-forward 729 days... or 2 years... and I am crying as I type this post.
My sweet and loving husband kept his promise and now I wish he didn't.

This is my official announcement. We are moving to St. Louis, Missouri. Josh got a promotion and we are moving. I am heart-broken. If you would have told me two years ago that I would be sad to leave CNY I would have laughed at you. No kidding... I cried for days... heck, months when we moved here. After I stopped feeling sorry for myself, I got out and started doing nursery planning and shopping. That is when I met a fellow mom of twins. She spoke very highly of and recommended me to join to local Multiple Moms Mingle group. <---- This group is why I am heart-broken to leave.

I joined that day and was added to the private Facebook page. I introduced myself and had an outpouring of offers of support when the group found out I was expecting AND new to the area with no support other than my husband. I made a few friends before the Zabies were born and many, many more after. I spend the first Wednesday of every month at the MMM meeting with all of my fellow moms of multiples. I have bonded with these ladies on a level that I never new was possible. We've bonded over breastfeeding, poop, vomit, food, pregnancy, loss, love and motherhood. They have become my CNY family. When I make friends the only way I can is to open up my whole heart. I'm an open book. I share it all... bond over it all. I never felt judged and they have always accepted me as I am.... southern accent and all. The hardest part is knowing that I will never see some of these people again... thankfully there is social media and I will pay MMM dues for the rest of my life to have the support of these amazing women. I have made friends outside of the group as well... friendships that started in the group and grew to smaller more intimate play groups outside of the group. We do ladies night out, group texting and play dates regularly. I have no idea how I will function away from them. I just hope and pray that I can stay in touch with them like  I never left... maybe just without the play date part.

The ladies that I have bonded with throughout my time here have supported me during the most difficult times in my life. When I was on bed rest they were there with food and advice; I wouldn't have eaten without them bringing me food when my babies were in the NICU; and dropping by food and/or caffeinated beverages when I had sick babies while my guy was traveling for work. Let's not forget to mention that one of my dearest friends saved mine and my girl's lives when she delivered them 8 weeks early. I also have so many friendships here that run deep and some that don't. I have my ocean {a friend who is thoughtful and deep in all things she does} and friends who have been there and done that, offering the best advice. My mommy friends here rock {and obviously like to feed me!} They are from all walks of life and each of them offers something unique to my life. I truly appreciate each and every one of them.
Multiple Moms Mingle Gals

Playdate guys and gals

Playdate Kiddos

Another playdate group

We have amazing neighbors here. They were so welcoming when we moved onto our street and many of them have becomes great friends. I am going to miss them terribly and our new neighbors will have VERY large shoes to fill. Luckily, I know that I will see many of these friends again when we visit CNY or them visiting us in STL... Until then I will miss them terribly.

These are all reasons I'm sad to go.

The part that hurts the most....
Leaving my home. The one that was just a house. The house was just a structure until the day I brought my children home from the hospital. When I moved here I felt homeless despite having a house and that all changed the day I brought them home. It is my home... our home. As the seasons change the angle the sun shines through our family room windows changes. This past fall I found myself lying on the couch and the sun was shining through my windows in the exact way it did those first few days the girls were home from the hospital. For a minute I remembered exactly how we had the girls in their rock and play sleepers and had to move them out of the sun along with all of those overwhelming new mommy emotions.  If we lived here forever that would be something I would remember every fall. I'm going to miss watching the girls play in all of their favorite areas of our home; the built in shelves, the built in mudroom seat, playing chase around our island, and behind the couch. Every room has so many memories.
The day they came home from the hospital

A favorite hang out

They love to sit on the step

Snacking in their favorite spot
Playing in the mudroom

There are many, many positives to our move and I will explore those later {because we are very excited and we will be near Josh's parents!.. it's just bittersweet} but today I am mourning what I am losing. I know we will make new memories and home is where my children are... But for now I'm going to be sad. It will pass, I'm sure. Change is so hard.

Despite how sad I am to leave, I am so proud of Josh!

Congratulations to my guy. You never cease to amaze me. You have been climbing the career ladder at a rate that is impressive; you are focusing on your weaknesses and changing them to strengths; you are moving and shaking in your field of expertise; and  you are building relationships with your employees that will leave a lasting impression. You are growing and changing in ways that make me the proudest wife in this world, words will never express how proud I am of you for accomplishing all that you have in the short 31 years of your life. 
You should be proud, too. 
Zone Packaging Director has a nice ring to it!

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10 Responses to “We're Moving”

  1. Congrats on your husband job promotion. I am sure you will make new friends where ever you go but, I know it is going to be a hard move saying good by to your friends. Gives you an excuse to take a trip and visit. I hope the move goes smoothly..

    1. Thank you!!! I will definitely be road tripping back to visit friends for sure!!

  2. Moving is always so hard. I hate saying good bye to friends and family [if they are near] to go somewhere new and unfamiliar. What a blessing you were able to make such wonderful friends so quickly when you moved to New York. I'm sure you'll be able to make new friends once you move!

    1. It is hard... We have been so blessed with an amazing group of friends here. Mommy groups are awesome for networking.

  3. Congrats on your husband's promotion, however I totally get this. We live away from both of our families and when we initially settled down in our current location I was heartbroken and it took so long to find a support system but now this is my home, I have my friends, my mommy groups and my people here... I would be heartbroken if we had to move. :) Good luck on this new adventure. PS your current home is GORGEOUS, I would be sad to leave too ;)

    1. Thank you. We love our home and our network here. It's so hard to leave but we will do it as family and thrive!

  4. Congrats to your hubby and his promotion. It's funny how kids change everything and make everything so much more meaningful. Although hard, I'm sure your new move is for the best and you're going to love being close to family. I couldn't imagine not being close to ours and getting help with the kids when needed.

    1. Being close to family is the great thing about the move :)

  5. Congrats to your husband! his company is one of our customers :) I work at MeadWestvaco in Richmond, VA. You little girls are precious! Being close to family is a blessing - the added help with be amazing (especially for date nights!)

    1. Thank you for reading along and your sweet comment, Erin! We are very excited for this new adventure. I know of Mead Westvaco very well. We have a friend in Georgia, who Josh worked closely with, that is one of the sweetest guys I've ever met! Great company to work for and such a small world!