Love One Another


Happy Valentine's week y'all! 
My heart has never been so full. 
Can we talk about how adorable these Love One Another Shirts are?

Things are getting pretty crazy around here with relators, painters, packing, cleaning and organizing for showing {since folks these days want your house to look as though no one lives there and HGTV themselves came in to stage it!}

Even though it has been a stressful week our little ladies manage to keep us grounded and help us to find many smiles amidst the chaos. 
How sweet is this sight. 

One of many things I will cherish about our home here is the way they sit and swing their feet, in their robes, before bed. 

Happy Love Week!!! Give your loves of all sizes plenty of hugs and kisses this week.

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2 Responses to “Love One Another”

  1. Stopping by from the link-up. I hope you find some time test with all the crazy things you've got going on. Savor some sweet moments.

  2. they are seriously SO cute!! love them and their cute shirts!