Weekending with the Zabeks


This weekend was full of prep for moving. Everything is happening so quickly. 
Josh's promotion was announced only one week ago, yet it seems like a month ago. 
We have been meeting with realtors and painters in preparation to officially list our house. 
There are so many things that to be done. 
One of the things was photographing the house for relocation purposes.
I decided to photograph the house also, for future home tour posts, 
in a great effort to never forget our first home as a family of four. 
As I was taking pictures these two sweeties hopped up on the couch to have their pictures taken. 

Quinn was clearly enjoying her graham cracker way too much to smile for Mama.

As I was cleaning up downstairs,
Josh was giving the girls a bath upstairs and yells to me, "Tasha, hurry, bring your camera!"
All I could hear was the infectious sound of laughter filling the foyer
and hall as I rushed up the stairs.
Once I got in there, this is what I found.

The Zabies decided it was SO funny to lay beside each other during their bath time.
It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen.
The video is hilarious!

Then after bath time they decided that they would continue the silliness. 
Of course Mommy had to get it all on video!

Our hearts are so full.
I feel so incredibly blessed that God chose me to be these little ladies' Mama.

Lots of good stuff coming soon. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. 

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3 Responses to “Weekending with the Zabeks”

  1. They are soo cute!! I hope that everything with the move goes smoothly.. I am sure it is hard with 2 little ones I can't even image..

  2. Oh my goodness, your girls are precious. Visiting from the link up and now I can't stop scrolling through your blog and reading your posts. Sounds like you have a busy few weeks ahead planning a move and with your husband starting a new job.

  3. hi! i am new to your blog and am loving it… they are so cute!!! love. good luck with your move- my sister lives in st. louis and LOVES it- I also LOVE to visit! would love to send you some suggestions when you move! lots of great places- I think you will love and the people! <3