Organization for Moving || Tip One: List Making


Moving 1,000 miles away is no easy task. Heck, moving next door isn't easy. 
Luckily, this isn't my first rodeo. 
As we go through this process, I am going to give as many tips as possible to help others make seamless transitions into their new homes as well.

Tip #1:

 Stay Organized! Being organized during the moving process is key to reducing stress and having a seamless transition into your new home. How to stay organized? Lists! For those of you who know me, you know I'm a list maker. Your typically Type A list lover. I currently have 9 lists going. My lists even remind me to make other lists. I have a master list in a notebook that I keep on me at all times. This list has everything on it and refers me to other lists. It is constantly changing as I mark things off and add new tasks. 

What kind of lists to make:
  1. A Master List-  Obviously! It has everything on it and refers you to other lists.
  2. Food Inventory List- This list take full inventory of all food, especially frozen and refrigerated foods. 
  3. Meal Plan List- I use the food inventory list to make a meal plan utilizing all of the food we already have since it is extremely difficult to move perishable items 1,000 miles away. 
  4. Prep for Sale List- This list includes all things that needs to be done to the house before your house is listed for sale. 
  5. Showing List- Things that need to be done before each showing or each day are included on this list. e.g. turn on lights & lamps, remove dog beds, put toys out of reach of other children, remove dog's bowls, wipe down counters, open all blinds, put away highchairs, double check that beds are made and grab bag of valuables.
  6. Collecting Private Records List- I use this list to keep up with what records need to be ordered and when they arrive before leaving the state. We request all medical documents in hard copy to have in case of an emergency during the road trip to our new home. This time around we also will be ordering copies of the Zabies' birth certificates since they are needed for many things in the future and I do not want to use the originals. 
  7. Non-movebale Items List- Included on this list are items that are typically not allowed by moving companies. Anything that is flammable, open liquids, house plants, or perishable foods including toiletries, clean supplies, oils and gasoline. Our list is itemized, room by room, so that we are sure to pack up all of those items before the movers arrive. We check them off as we pack each room's non-movable items. 
  8. Valuables/Keepsakes/Important Documents List- We list out all of our valuable to be packed separately so that they make the trek with us instead of on the moving truck. I list out the rooms these things are located in so I can check them off as I pack.
  9. Do Not Pack List- There are certain items that I don't want a stranger packing for me, they go on this list and we pack them up ourselves. Some of them get put in the moving truck and some in the trailer we pull behind my car. I prefer family photos to stay with us but my undies can go on the truck, I just prefer to pack them myself!
  10. Personal Bag List- This list contains all of the items we want/need in our personal luggage for the trip to our new home and the first few days of unpacking. 
  11. Immediate Use List- This list contains items that you will need the first day you arrive to your new home. Things that we include are paper plates, paper towels, toilet paper, plastic ware, a knife, scissors, cleaning supplies and small, handheld power tools. 

 List making is like a drug to me, it's addicting and once I start I just cannot stop! List making is just the beginning of the process. The best part is checking each and every item off until you have a completed list. So don't forget the fancy little box next to each item!
Once you have all of your lists made and you can start whittling away at them or add to them as needed. Keep them all in one place: a journal, notebook or binder works best. This is the key to getting everything done and not forgetting anything. Sure, sometimes we forget to put things on the list but if you keep it handy hopefully that won't happen.

I have all of my lists made and I'm feeling a little less overwhelmed since this is all happening so quickly! Staying organized is so important during this process, especially when kids are added to the mix. The next organization for moving post will be tips for moving with professional movers. Stay tuned!

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4 Responses to “Organization for Moving || Tip One: List Making”

  1. Wow, this is really good! I am so impressed! I wish I would've had this when we moved a few years ago! Good luck with your upcoming move! Thanks for linking up with us Today for Tuesday Talk! -Jess

    1. Thank you, Jess! We are very excited!!

  2. I loved seeing that you have 9 lists going currently!!!! :) At one time, I had so many lists, that I literally made a list... of my lists!!! I stayed very organized and loved it... I don't use lists as much now, but am trying to figure out the best way to make it work for me now. :) I hope your move goes wonderfully well.

  3. Impressive list making skills lady! I'm going to have to share with my friends who are moving this summer! Thanks for linking up with us :)