It's Following Me...


The Zabies and I are visiting Georgia while our guy is settling into his new job in St. Louis. 
We came here for the amazing weather that Georgia is known and loved for, and of course to visit our wonderful family. Unfortunately, the weather has been less than ideal with many days of wintery mixes and one good snowfall {extremely rare in these parts}. Yep, the snow is following me. It must love me. Can you blame it? Ha! Kidding!
6 inches is way more enjoyable than 4 feet, not to mention it's a balmy 32 degrees instead of subzero. 
We can actually get out and play in it which is the plan for today. 
And the view out of my parent's window is beautiful!

Luckily a lot of our family lives nearby and has been by to visit even with the wintery weather. 
My 1st cousins, Tia and Tamera... nope not twins. 

The Zabies with their cousin Emerson and Uncle Drew whom they adore. 

We are loving getting to see our extended family and are hoping for some warmer weather to play in also. 

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5 Responses to “It's Following Me...”

  1. Wow! That's really pretty and extremely rare for that much snow in Georgia. I hope you enjoyed your trip, and your girls are such cuties!

  2. Oh, goodness! Don't come to Florida then! ;) Hope the snow starts to stay away from you! Enjoy time with your family!

  3. Linking up from #thoughtsforthursdays. Yikes! I would hate if the snow followed me! I am trying everything I can to get away from it! I will be traveling to California in the spring and I hope it does not follow me here. on the bright side it does make beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing

  4. I loved having twin 1st cousins, it always meant I got a baby to hold because there was enough to 'go around'. I'm heading down to FL with a planned stop in Alabama next week so that snow needs to go!

  5. How pretty! And probably exciting for everyone in Georgia! I hope y'all have a wonderful time with family!