Moving|| House Selling Woes


Josh went back to our home in CNY last week to tie up some loose ends. 
Everything at our house is perfect for showing and hopefully getting an awesome offer. 
There is only one problem...
Lots of it. 
I mean record amounts of snow. 
Which mean no one is looking for their dream home. 
My guy sent me these pictures on Friday. 

He had to dig out our mailbox. 
A friend of mine reported that the plow took her mailbox out last week.
Silver lining: We still have ours!

Check out the snow pile behind him. 
This is across the street from our drive way. 
Head high.

The snow is really putting a damper on the quick, easy sell of our house. 
It makes me nervous since we {the girls and myself} will be staying in CNY until the house sells and it's time to move into our new home. 
Limbo is the worst part of getting a promotion and moving for this planning crazed gal.

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9 Responses to “Moving|| House Selling Woes”

  1. Good luck selling your house! February (and the winter months in general) is a bit harder of a time to sell your house because of bad weather but it looks like a great house!

    Here from ICLW.

    1. Thanks! According to our realtor February has been tougher than usual due to the never-ending amounts of snow. Fingers crossed for better weather.

  2. All that snow just blows me away. At least you've still got your mailbox unlike your friend! :) Heheh

    1. It blows me away too! I'm a Georgia girl and this is totally insane!

  3. Wow, that's a lot of snow! I hope that things will start to warm out soon and your house will be snapped off the market.

  4. Whoa, that's some snow! Here from ICLW- good luck with all of your transitions.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! The snow is crazy!!

  5. ICLW'er here from NJ (where we have snow, but I don't think THAT much!) hope it clears out soon so the house can get sold!