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I decided to do a home tour in a great effort the remember everything about our home here in CNY. If only there were a way to capture the scent of our home when you walk through the door or even the crispness of the cold, fresh air on a snowy winter day. 
There is nothing Pinterest worthy or needs crazy a explanation.
It's just home to us. 

This view is looking from the Master Bedroom down the hall towards our guest rooms. 
The room on the right is the front room and the room on the left is the back.

 This is the back room.
It is my favorite of our guest rooms. 
My guy bought me a fireplace mantle for Valentine's Day {per my request}. 
I distressed it and Josh hung it as a headboard. 
The comforter is from Target, if I remember correctly. 

The chest of drawers was an antique store find that matches the comforter perfectly. 

I used to have beautiful white lace curtains that I forgot when we moved from our last house.
Maybe I'll find new ones for the new house, when we find one. 

This is our front guest room. 
It is a mod podge of things that didn't have a home in any other room of our house. 
The bed was mine before Josh and I were married. 
One day I would love to white wash it. 
I think it would be beautiful white washed and decorated in a nautical themed room. 
Don't 'ya think?

The comforter is from IKEA and so is that zebra canvas. 

These rocking horses were gifts from my parents on their first birthday. 
We pull them out to play with and put them back when we are done. 
It eliminates them seeing them and having full on meltdowns to ride. 

The clock use to rest on the wall in the living room of our home in Georgia. 
We don't have vaulted ceilings here and just couldn't find a spot in the main living areas. 

All together, I think it's pretty cozy for a thrown together room.

 This room is in our basement. 
Again, nothing special but one more room I don't want to forget how it looks. 

I love how many guest spaces our home has. 
We have had people in every room of our house more than once.
Hosting family or friends is very important to me. Fingers crossed our next house will have great guest spaces too.

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