Leaving on a jet plane...


I'm sitting at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport (the king of all airports) in my home state of Georgia. I'm leaving on a jet plane, back one hour to another time zone and to the state that will soon be my state of residence. In all honesty, I feel totally sick. I'm leaving the Zabies with my parents to make the trip quicker and easier. This is my first time ever being away from my babies more than a few hours and I may barf from nervousness. Not that I don't think my parent won't take excellent care of them but because I have no reason to ever want to leave them. They are my world and I've always said I would have children to live life with them. Obviously, this was the best choice for our family for a quick house hunting and neighborhood stalking trip. It's just easier. No packing of kiddos to travel to another state and another adjustment for them but man do I miss those little boogers already! I can't say I will ever leave them overnight again. Praying for a smooth flight me and a great day for my sweet girls. Happy Friday y'all! 

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5 Responses to “Leaving on a jet plane...”

  1. Happy house hunting!!! Enjoy the night off with your guy, it's a rare occurrence. The girls will be great with your parents.

  2. Hi! I found your blog through a link-up! Check out the Wildwood/Chesterfield area, you will love it! Good luck on your trip :)

  3. Good luck house hunting! I hope you'll find something you love.

  4. wishing you a safe flight and good luck on the house/neighborhood- hunt!

  5. Good luck with it all, including the first experience of being away from the kids!