Weekending|| Sick Babes


I'd be lying if I said that my weekend was a good one.  Both of the girls had a horrible, no good, very ugly stomach bug that has yet to relinquish it's hold on them. We have done at least 10 loads of laundry that are puke or poop related because my sweet ladies have it bad. Kensington was sick all week long puking only at 1:00 am every night since Wednesday. I thought we dodged a bullet with Quinn but then Friday night she woke dry heaving several times and I knew that it was going to be a rough Saturday. She vomited a lot. Poor little gal vomited so much that every time she started feeling queasy she put her head on an old towel {since we had been chasing her with old towels catching the puke}. She learned quickly. Kensington only puked a few times on Saturday, thankfully.  Sunday Quinn only a few times and Kensington didn't at all. Neither of them ate much all day. At the end of the day I offered them toast. Kensington ate two pieces like she hadn't eaten in days {kinda true}. This is the first time I've ever dealt with the stomach bug... I've never had it before and I just feel awful for them. Quinn is still puking today.  Kensington is on the mend and feeling much better. Check out how pitifully cute they were.

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  1. Poor babies.. I hope they start feeling better. I know how hard it is with sick babies…