Beachin' it!


The week before Memorial Day we went on our
 annual beach trip with Josh's parents + siblings (+ their families).
With us now living in Missouri, we were able to make the drive down there instead of flying. 
We left at 4 AM CST. The girls did great on the drive. I mean they were troopers. 

We all enjoyed a trip to Sonic for lunch. 
It was the Zabies first milkshake experience. 
They loved it!

We got into town later than we had hoped but still squeezed in a fun supper at a local restaurant. 

The girls loved spending time with their older cousin, Emerson, and even brought her a swimsuit to match theirs. If they usually are twinning, is this considered tripling?

Hand holding is a must these days and it was quite the undertaking to get to the beach every day with all of our gear. My brother-in-love was a good sport about the hand-holding while lugging a lot of stuff to the beach.

They could smell the ocean and couldn't wait any longer to see it. 

Taking it all in!

Water totem pole, anyone?

Sweet Quinn playing in the sand. 

Sassy Kensington laying in the sand near the brackish water. 

This is an amazing brackish water area near the house we rent.
 It is where the lake and ocean meet. 
The water is only a couple feet deep and is perfect for the girls to play in without worrying about an undertow. Grandma + Grandpa brought their kayaks for everyone to play in. 

Our sweet girls. 

We enjoyed them so much at the beach this year. 
They radiated excitement which made every moment worth it. 

I mean, I can't even handle the sweetness. 

Toes in the water. 

Beach buggy ride home. 

We also celebrated my sister-in-love's birthday while we were there. 

It was a wonderful trip and we can't wait for next year!

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2 Responses to “Beachin' it!”

  1. Those baby beach pics are priceless!

    1. Thank you! We have some similar ones from last year too. It just melts my heart!!