Photo Dump


I have been doing some major slacking. 
Settling into a new house with twin toddlers is WAY harder than I expected... 
And we have SO MUCH stuff. 
I mean, no family of our age should have as much stuff as we do. 
It's a little excessive. 
So here is a photo dump. 

Slightly clingy girls on moving day. 

One of many Lowe's trips since being in our new home. 

Taking a break for some sister snuggles. 


Finding new favorite hang out spots. 

Checking out our new neighborhood Costco. 

The Zabies first Five Guys experience. 

First day of swim lessons. 

Asking to go back to the pool. 

Getting a sweet gift in the mail from their boyfriends in CNY. 

Mother's Day photos

One thing I love about this age is their ability to go on lunch dates and do well!

And a glimpse into our future! Lord, help us!

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