Long Weekend in Minnesota


Summer-time has me MIA from my blog many of days. We have been traveling, swimming, going to parks, visiting with family and enjoying this fleeting life with toddlers. 
Last week my guy was in Belgium for a work meeting, lucky dog!
The girls and I decided to head north to Minnesota to visit the Cottage aka Josh's Aunt, Uncle, cousin's and their home. 
This meant that I drove 8 hours by myself with twin toddlers. 
I started my day bright and early loading last minute items and drinking my Chai Tea Latte. 

We managed to only stop three times. 
Once for breakfast, a potty break and lunch. 
After lunch the Zabies watched Shrek and LOVED it! 
We turned them forward facing for the trip and I am so thankful that we did.
I could see their faces, give them snacks, and control to dvd player from the front so they didn't have to watch any one DVD over and over again because I couldn't reach to turn it off.
They could also see out of the window and loved seeing all of the wind mills along the way. 
Honestly, it was the best road trip. I could not have dreamed it would go better and I actually enjoyed it! 
The girls never cried, whined or complained! 
The road trip was so enjoyable that I look forward to many more girls trip with my duo!
We arrived to excited cousins just before supper time. 

Once we got to the cottage our days were filled with playing barefoot in the yard, swimming, napping, eating, riding four-wheelers, going on wagon rides, playing in the rain and eating lots of push-pops!
The adults spent their evenings chatting, reminiscing and playing cards! 
It was the best weekend!

Don't worry y'all, we went as fast as a snail!

Look at those babes!

Josh joined us on Friday and brought home these fresh Belgian Chocolates. 
I am not a huge fan of assorted candies but this box has been AMAZING!

Kensington and Quinn frequently ate their food and everyone else's too. 
I think they gained 5 pounds while we were gone! 
If you had food then they were your BFF. 

The Zabies loved spending time with their cousin Sydney. 

I have TONS of photos on my camera that will be making their debut on here soon. 
My computer may or may not be telling me that the memory is full! Oops!

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