Our St. Louis Stay-cation Wrap-up


Last week my parents came to visit us from Georgia.
 It was our annual family vacation time that they insisted we spend at our home since we just moved and have been traveling non-stop. 
Man, do I love them! 
A stay-cation was just what the doctor ordered.
Monday my guy had to go into he office for a few hours so we decided to do some shoe shopping. 

The Zabies were professionally fitted for ballet slippers and regular everyday shoes. 

On the way out of the mall we spotted a play area with lots of rides. 
The girls loved it and Pawpaw was a sucker for "mo" rides!

Every evening the girls played on our new-to-us deck. 

This particular day they practiced blowing bubbles in their water table. 

We finally christened the new table with homemade fajitas. 
More to come on the new table this week!

Tuesday the little ladies had their weekly dance class. 
I cannot get enough of these sweet girls!
Them in tutus is just too much!

Another evening ended on our back deck.
This was the same evening we learned that we have a mama doe and fawn living in our back woods. 

On Wednesday we visited the Gateway to the West!
The pod that takes you to the top is small. 
My Mom and Quinn were a little uneasy as we slowly made our way to the top.

The girls loved looking down at the ground.
They are such little thrill seekers!

You can see Busch Stadium in this photo. 

On Thursday we spent the day at Grant's Farm. 
Grant's Farm is special to us for it's ties to Anheuser-Busch. 
It is one of many free things to do with children (plus parking) in the St. Louis area. 

Meet Rudy. He posed so nicely for us. 
I took no pictures on Friday. 
I had an 8 AM hair appointment with a new gal and no one ever believes me when I tell them to mark off more time because I have lots 'o hair. 
Needless to say, I didn't get home until 1:00. 
Thankfully, I love my color and cut- unlike the first time I had my hair done in CNY! 
We also spent the evening at the pool until the thunderstorm stole our thunder!

Saturday we went to our (everyone except Josh) Cardinals game. 
The girls were trooper to say the least. 
I mean nine innings without the first temper tantrum, fussing, whining, or running away.
They cheered, waved, said "Hey" to everyone they saw, and rocked their Cardinals jerseys like bosses in the 90 degree heat! Mommy, Daddy, Nana and Pawpaw were SO proud!

It was so nice having my parents all to ourselves, 24-7. 
I enjoyed spending time with them but more importantly I enjoyed seeing them bond and make memories with our girls. 
We can't wait to make many more memories and explore our new city more!

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