Niagara Falls


We left Syracuse on Tuesday,  April 14, 2015. Two years and 1 day is how long we spent there. 
We left so many friends and new found family as we drove away to our new life in St. Louis. 
Our first stop was for lunch. 
We ate horribly at a Checkers Burgers Restaurant. 
It was pretty yummy but so bad for us!

We drove to Canada to visit Niagara Falls for our very first family vacation with just the four of us.
It was amazing!
There was something about visiting one of God's great masterpieces with my family that was rejuvenating.
I am so glad that we took a day to spend time just the four of us.
Life is so good!

Life with these two babes and their daddy couldn't be any better. 



Zabek + Peffley + Selfie= Zafflie?

After our entire house was packed up we stayed a few days with our sweet friends, Stacy & Paul, and their twin boys, Tyler & Dylan. 

They were so incredibly kind to let us stay with them. 
Not only did they open their home with open arms but they also gave us their master suite so that we had plenty of room for pack and plays. 
We had the best time staying with them. 
Four nights of adult hanging out and five days of kiddo fun. 
It was nice, relaxing and good for my soul to spend time with their family. 
I just adore them all.

Our Family Zafflie 

The plus is that Josh and Paul get along great!
They are both engineers and laid-back guy's guys with many of the same interests like eating wings over sports at a favorite wing joint {and I love that they get a long so well}.
I just wish we had more time in CNY for them to hang out.
Paul put a bug in Josh's ear that camping would be a fun Summer Zabek-Peffley vacation.
Looks like I may be sucking up my aversion to pesky bugs for my friends.
I will gladly do so for them.

If I could hand chose a sister, it would be Stacy. 
Stacy is my ocean in Central New York. 
She is deep, thoughtful, considerate, sincere, loving, kind and so many other things.
We understand each other in so many ways such as being twin moms, stay at home moms and being miles away from family thus doing life with twins frequently alone while our husbands travel. 
I'm so thankful for her and that she is still only a phone call, FaceTime or iCloud photo share away.

We are already planning a day meet-up trip in Cincinnati when the Peffleys do their annual family camping trip in Ohio this year and I cannot wait!!

We also scored these adorable photos while we were visiting.
How freakin' adorable!

Missing them all a lot these days!

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