Keeping it real!


This week has flown by. I have no idea where it went and blogging fell to the wayside once again. Honestly, I have been making a conscious effort to stay "unplugged" throughout the day and in the evenings have been focusing on spending uninterrupted time with my guy. Moving 1,000 miles away is really hard on a family and marriage. New job, new house, and trying to make new friends all while learning the new normal for your family. It's hard. So we have been really focusing on what is most important which is the four of us. Josh travels a good bit and doesn't leave a lot of time for quality time together. Of course, we are very calculated in all of our travels trying to get the most bang for our buck so to speak. The girls and I travel while he travels so that there isn't extra un-needed time away but the return is always a game of catch-up and trying to get back into a groove leaving little time for fun. Thus why we have started to really focus on our family. I recently had to remind myself of the pecking order of relationships. I had lost sight of it in the hustle and bustle of moving and just trying to keep up: God, husband, children and so on. I feel like being "unplugged" has really given me more of an opportunity to take time for daily devotion & prayer, my husband and my children. To be honest, I can tell a difference it each of those relationships. I'm feeling calmer, more grounded and balanced throughout the day which is like a domino effect touching each of the relationships most important to me. If you are moving or have recently moved, remember not to lose sight of the important things. The boxes can wait!

I challenge you all to take a week or if your job doesn't allow it, allot a few hours a day to go unplugged and focus on what's important. 

Happy Friday y'all! This week my sweet friend Stacy sent me our family pictures. Man, did they put a smile on my face. I can't wait to share the ones for our Christmas card!

Wednesday Weekend Wrap-up


Well it's Wednesday and I am finding myself just getting around to wrapping up our weekend yet again at our week's midpoint. With two sick kids in tow, I have been working diligently to get into a new groove with this whole time change thing. The girls are waking at 6:30 these days where they were waking at 8:30 pretty regularly. That really puts a damper on me getting things done before they wake. 

Here is our Halloween weekend wrap-up!

Friday night we enjoyed some fab family time eating pizza (Mama and Daddy only snacked before a date night), bouncing in the bouncy house and watching a movie. It is kind of our Friday night ritual. 

This picture cracks me up!

After the Zabies were in bed asleep, Josh and I went out for a date night. We accidentally stumbled into a Peruvian Cuisine Restaurant thinking it was a Sushi hot spot. We were wrong but, oh man, the food was amazing. They had one of my all-time-favorite dishes, Lomo Saltado, and it was to die for!

Then we went for some awesome adult bowling at a local, old fashioned joint. It had bowling lanes in the back and bar in the front. We bowled three games and called it a night. 

On Halloween we kept it pretty low key. We watched Georgia football, had snacks and then ate homemade chili for supper with Grandma and Grandpa. The rain subsided and we decided to get our very cranking girls dressed to trick or treat at a couple of houses in hopes that the fresh air would also helped with Quinn's croupy cough (per doctor recommendations). Their bad moods quickly lifted and we all enjoyed their cuteness!

Here are our last three years of trick or treating. 

Happy Hump Day, y'all! This Mama is ready for Friday!

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