How did you come up with the Zabies? 
Honestly, we can't take credit for this. Our very close friends and neighbors in Georgia started referring to them as the Zabies, when I was pregnant, since we didn't find out if we were having boys, girls, or a girl and a boy. We loved the twin name... it just kind of stuck. We don't refer to them as the twins or babies; They are the Zabies. Zabek + Babies= Zabies! Get it!?

Did you breastfeed?
I breast fed until 12 months. I nursed for the first few months and then decided that exclusively pumping was the way to go. Not that I didn't enjoy nursing my girls but due to them having a hard time with the suck, swallow and breath reflex there was a lot of choking and nursing one baby took 45 minutes not including burping and diaper change. Then would nurse the next one for 45 minutes and pump afterwards for 30 minutes minimum. We were on a three hour routine which meant that I only got one hour of sleep between the end and beginning of each feeding/diapering session. It was much more efficient to pump with a hands-free bra while simultaneously bottling feeding both babies; it took about 15 minutes to bottle feed.  I would also burp and diaper each of them during the remaining 15 minutes of pumping. Everything was completed in 30 minutes and they were usually zonked before I ever unhooked for the breast pump giving me 2.5 hours to sleep/rest/day-dream about how amazing life had become.

How far a long were you when the Zabies were born?
32 weeks and 4 days.

How were the Zabies delivered?
The Zabies were delivered via emergency c-section. Read about it HERE.

What is the current sleep routine for the Zabies?
They usually wake around 7 am. They are up for two hours and go back down around 9 am. They nap anywhere from 1 ½ to 2 hours. Once they wake up they are up for three hours; usually that ends up being around 2 pm. Then bedtime routine starts a 7pm with bath, story and bed; we finish up around 7:30/7:45.

Are the Zabies identical?
Actually, they aren't! They are fraternal but look very much a like.

Do you have extensions?
Nope! It's all mine!

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