Hey Y'all! I'm Natasha. 

I'm a Georgia girl living a Central New York life.
I'm a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Friend & Child of Christ.
I'm what I like to call a domestic engineer. It's the BEST job in this world.
I get to be with my girls every day and experience every moment with them, see it through their eyes.
Sweet tea and Dr. Pepper are my weaknesses.
I love fashion of all sorts, especially baby fashion.
Sparkle & glitter are two of my favorite things.
  I'm a southern foodie trying to find her way in the land of italian food &
 being organized is what keeps me sane in my crazy, beautiful life.

In 2009, I married the man of my dreams.
He is supports me is ways that still amaze me.
I can't imagine living this life without him. There is something about becoming a Daddy that makes him undeniably good looking! Fatherhood suits him well. 
Meet Josh. My rock. My Love. 

On August 21, 2013, in what was both the scariest &
 happiest day of our lives we welcomed
two amazing little ladies into our lives, The Zabies. 

Our lives hasn't been the same since! I could have never imagined the amount of love, laughter, smiles, hugs and kisses that we would experience after having our twins. Did I mention love? Wow, who knew it would be possible to love two little people with such unconditional love? They make it so easy! It's been a whirlwind of incredible days as parents... mama & dada, to be exact.

Here you can expect a little bit of everything but especially our experiences as we parent, feed and live life with twin toddlers.
We are blessed beyond words and thankful for each and every day we get to live this amazing life.


  1. What beautiful girls!! Truly they are miracles. So happy to have found your blog. :)

  2. from zero babies to two babies all at once! You're my hero :)


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