Y'all.... I have been asked by so many people to please... pretty please.... with a cherry on top start blogging again. I'm not making any promises that there will be regular blog posts here BUT I am promising that I will try! 

The last time I blogged we were living happily in St. Louis where my hubby traveled ALL.THE.TIME. Insert an exhausted emoji here.  I started a photography business there, joined a MOPS group, became a part of the steering team of said group, jumped head first into being a dance/gymnastics mom, made friends...so many wonderful friends and did all the social things. It was exhaustingly wonderful and fulfilling. God's plans for our family in St. Louis were perfect. We found an amazing church there and started settling in very comfortably. 

Then the phone rang. 
I could here the muffled voice on the other end of the phone say to my husband, "How do you feel about Columbus?"
We were giddy with excitement. Columbus was on our "short list". You know, the list of places we'd happily go without little to no conversations. My guy knew exactly how I felt about Columbus. It was close to his cousin whom I adore and it was so centrally located to all the people we love dearly that we couldn't have hand picked a better location. The answer was "YES" without hesitation. 
Then we prepped and sold our dream house. Found a little faux farmhouse in the perfect up and coming neighborhood that backed up to a real farm and moved our little family to Ohio. It's seems like such a whirlwind reflecting on it all. 

I made a very intentional effort to slow life down once we moved. 
Slow down and enjoy every moment. It felt like life was slipping through my finger at a rate that was incomprehensible. 
Now we've lived in that little faux farmhouse that has the most incredible sunset views out the back windows for almost two years. It's the longest we've live in one house since our Zabies were born.

We've slowed down A LOT. 
Our focus has shifted and now we fill our hours and days with a lot of family time. Bike rides, swimming, gardening, playing outside, games, projects inside of our house and a NON-traveling hubby! I could still shout from the rooftops with joy about that! We still do dance/gymnastics and have social lives but the frequency is far less. We are still finding balance. 

So many things have happened and I will do my best to update.  In the meantime, email me about what you'd like to see here in this space.


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