30th Birthday Surprise


For my 30th birthday my sweet guy flew my bestie from CNY out to St. Louis for some girl time. He arranged child care for most of the days so that we could go out the breakfast, lunch and dinner doing whatever we'd like in between. Can I say that he takes husband of the year for this wonderful gesture. 

The first day we spent the day at some of my favorite restaurants and shopping at one of my favorite malls. Stacy was also sweet enough to work in a family photo shoot (notice my new photo)  and then she and I went out for sushi and drinks. The weather was perfect for patio sitting and chatting for hours!


The next day we went out to breakfast, I introduced Stacy to my Lululemon obsession and then went out to one of St. Louis' landmark restaurants, Fitz's- home of Fitz's root beer!
We ate like every responsible mom does at lunch, root beer floats and fried pickles.

After lunch we made our way through town to the Four Seasons for an afternoon at the spa. 
Can I just say that this was exactly what I needed. It was relaxing and refreshing to have girl time at the spa.

You can't get a much better view than this in St. Louis. 

Following our relaxation at the spa we has an amazing dinner at the home of one of the top rate chefs in the city. The food was nothing short of amazing. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. 

On Stacy's last day in the Lou we spent the day with my duo. We visited the Biergarten, Grant's Farm and Stacy got to experience Chick Fil A for the very first time. She was blown away by the courteous and helpful staff. 

We took these two out for ice-cream after naps. 

We ended her stay with another amazing dinner at another favorite spot of mine. We chatted, laughed and caught up like friends do.
 I miss her being 15 minutes down the road where we can meet up on a whim or sit up until all hours of the night talking over sweets and drinks while one of our spouses is traveling. I am so thankful that I ran into her at Wegmans that Mother's Day afternoon and our friendship blossomed like it has. She has become like a sister to me. I call her when I need a sounding board or if I just want to chat. When we spent the day with Kensington & Quinn it felt like sisters hanging out with daughters/nieces. Nothing felt forced. It was fun. I can't wait to go visit her and see her sweet boys! 

Thank you, Josh. You know your wife well. 

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