**This post was written the day after my birthday and never published. Here 'ya go friends!
Last month, On Thursday, September 17th,  I hit another milestone birthday. I turned thirty years old. The number thirty always seemed so old and so big. I vividly remember crying when I turned twenty-six because it was that much closer to thirty. In all honesty, I cried because I had always imagined that I would have kids by twenty-six. We were in the depths of fertility treatments with no end in sight and it had me totally bummed about crossing the hump of my twenties, well on my way to thirty.

I have been asked multiple times how it feels to be thirty since my birthday and it feels great! I took care of my babies all day long. I cooked for them, cleaned up after them, fed them snacks, changed their diapers and clothes, snuggled them, kissed their boo boos, and played pretend with them all day! I did exactly what I had prayed for so many years I could do at twenty-six. Although I didn't get to do those things at twenty-six, I did at thirty and it was amazing. I could not have asked for a better thirtieth birthday. A day full of being a mommy and living my dream with the sweetest little girls I could have ever prayed for.

Later that evening my hubby took me to a fancy smancy dinner at a wonderful Italian cuisine restaurant. It was nice to get dressed up, go out with my guy, and have adult conversations. The day couldn't have been more perfect.

To top it off, Josh called me into our dining room as I was doing my hair. There was a large wrapped box and several other small boxes with the smaller ones being numbered. I started by opening the bigger box and it had the sweetest picture with many of my closest family and friends names signed to it with random words about the eighties and my name in the middle. It also said, "30 gifts for 30 years!" Josh and my CNY bestie collaborated (according to Josh, Stacy did all of the work) and had many of my friends and family participate by contributing with a small gift, a card, or a fun memory. Each item was assigned a number 1-30. It was so sweet and humbling to see how many people love and care about me. Honestly, I am still in the middle of transitioning and settling into my new town. Making friends takes work and time. It was a hard reality for me when I realized that I didn't really have anyone to celebrate with other than my family but here it the wonderful thing: I have friends and family all over this country. People who love me, who took time to send me a thoughtful sentiment to celebrate my new decade even from a far and who have left an imprint on my heart and soul, and I on theirs!- and that is pretty awesome! It came at the perfect time and I am so thankful to everyone who participated. I also am so thankful to Josh and Stacy for orchestrating it all.

My sweet Aunt-in-love told me this summer that on every birthday she always thinks about the previous year and thinks about how she can be better her next year. How she can touch more people's lives in a positive way, love more, laugh more, smile more, and just better in all avenues of life. I really liked what she said and this year I am taking to her wise ways and making thirty the best year yet! I'm going to love more, forgive more, smile more, laugh more, be more supportive and encouraging and aim to be better in all avenues of life. -Thanks Aunt Cheri!

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