Family Fun in September


I mentioned here about how busy we have been lately and blogging just fell through the cracks!

The end of September was super fun with lots of family activities. 
My guy celebrated his 10 year college reunion which had us traveling from Missouri to Indiana. 
His little bitty college town and alma mater have burrowed a special place into my heart over the years. It was such a special occasion to go back for Homecoming and to cheer on the Fighting Engineers with our little ones.
Clearly the Zabies were totally into the game! 

These two little ladies managed to keep themselves entertained without any electronic devices for three hours at supper (with the exception of the last 15 minutes).

These three chatted over coffee (the girls had milk). 

Our hotel was all decked out welcoming Rose Hulman alumni. 
We took this photo as we were heading out to go back home. 

As soon as we got home we celebrate a friend's birthday and a gymnastics center. 

Later in the month the Zabies had their 2 year well check. 

This was our view when the doctor finished his check-up and left the room. 
They screamed and cried because it was over. We enthusiastically told them that the nurse would be in soon to give them a shot and they perked right up. Both girls sat patiently for their shot and even thanked the nurse for giving them a shot but never shed a tear. #mindblown!

We celebrated brave little ones with some Frozen Yogurt!

The next day we went to the BBQ Bash in our neighboring town. 
We had a Blast!!!
These two LOVE funnel cakes just as much as their mommy! I mean festivals and fairs are just for funnel cakes, right!?

They had a live band doing awesome covers of some favorite Jazz hits and the Zabies danced their hearts out!

That about covers our September family activities. 

Other things that have happened since being away + coming soon:

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