Solo trip to Georgia


At the beginning of the month I took the Zabies & Harley, our fur baby, on a solo road trip to Georgia. An eight hour road trip turned into 10+ hours with torrential down pouring rain from a hurricane. The trip was relatively easy. The girls are amazing travelers and didn't complain unless they were hungry or needed to stretch their legs (and get their diaper changed). 

The trip started off rocky with a dead battery in my car resulting in me having to push my Yukon XL out of our garage since my guy works 45 minutes from home. Thankfully the girls just rolled with the punches of the day and made new friends at every stop!

Notice all of the stuff behind Kensington? I chose to load our stuff on the bench seat so Harley could have all of the back to stretch out and get comfy!

We celebrated my best friend's little boy's birthday while we were in town. I was so thankful that we were able to be there to celebrate him!

We had play dates with the girls' cousins, Emerson and Dylan.

We played at the park.

We got to love on the brand new baby goats in the front pasture at my parent's house. 

And climb the same fence that Mommy climbed as a little girl. 

The Zabies also helped their Pawpaw master the plumbing in the kitchen remodel.

Quinn has an obsession with Pawpaw's Harley. Dear Lord, help us!!

We had lots of family in and out all week but had a big cookout that was a huge hit with the girls.

One of my other Georgia bestie that I call LJ also came to our family cookout. 
It made my heart so happy to see these four together and to just enjoy the day with my sweet friend. 

These two! It's like a flash into our future. 

Josh joined us on Saturday and we celebrated my cousin's marriage... 

Had two year old melt downs...

Found humor in said meltdowns...

and thankfully didn't drop her on her head. 

It was a rough evening for these two. Thankfully they were super cute in the process. 

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