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This week I reached out to a friend in a two year old panic. Josh, the girls and I went to a quick, informal supper with Josh's mom who we call Grandma. Kensington was a total nightmare. Both of the girls are usually well behaved when we go out to dinner but this was the second time in a week that we had attitudes, pushing of plates and refusal to eat. I was beyond mortified. I've taught my children better. Sure they are two (and sick) but they know better.
The friend I reached out to is our Multiple Moms professional sleep trainer and she always has great suggestions when I am at the end of my rope- which was likely due to being in the ER until 4 am. 
I digress. 
Back to my friend.
 Her name is Jen and she has similar expectations of her children so I knew she was the one to reach out to. She went over some really valuable things such as giving the girls choice at dinnertime which I don't do as much when we go out to eat. Then she said, "You bring things for them to do right?"
  Umm... Yeah. No. 
Mommy fail. 
I usually rely on the restaurant to have a coloring sheet and crayons which is usually wadded up somewhere on the ground before we ever place our drink orders, if they even have them.
This particular night we ate at a delicious urban bake and chop house called Crushed Red.
I was unprepared and I expected my kids to sit like little ladies and quietly eat their food.
What was I thinking? Was I delirious? Clearly. 

Since we occasionally find ourselves out to supper at a moments notice because our evening plans ran over schedule and we have chanting two year old requesting to, "EAT! EAT! EAT," with an occasional, "peas! (please!)"  in there, I decided to create a restaurant kit.  Guys, you know I have all the heart eyes for being organized and prepared. 
So here it is, my plan to not have another two year old meltdown while out to supper.  

Our Restaurant Kit!!

I started with a cosmetic bag from my favorite place, Target. 

I chose this one because it has the perfect number and shape of pouches that I need. 

Then I filled it. 
Coloring books, Lisa Frank stickers, Color Wonder coloring pad with markers, cut blank paper and crayon pouches.

I also enclose some of the necessities. 
Baby wipes, bibs, spoons & forks, hand sanitizer, and bendy straws. 
I like to have bendy straws on hand for the girls. A straight straw means water in their lap 100% of the time. Adult forks are too big for their little fingers to grip and usually results in them using their fingers. The rest is self explanatory. 

Necessities packed in! 

Fun packed in!

Super thin design that doesn't take up too much room in a booth, under the table or in the car. 

There you have it! I'm thinking I might throw a pack of crackers in there for the long wait times and maybe a couple thin books like the ones you get from Chick-fil-a to give them another option for entertainment. I'm trying my best to refrain from just handing them my phone. I can honestly say that the Zabies do not know how to operate my cell phone other than to press the home button to cancel out a FaceTime chat. Although, I can totally see how it would be way easier to just let them watch a video to have a peaceful dinner.

What do you do to keep your kids occupied when you go out to eat? I'd love to hear your suggestion!

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