Five on Friday


Happy Friday, y'all!
Here are my five favorites from my week. 

ONE|| The Zabies and I did some shopping at a new favorite interior decorating store yesterday. Honestly, I went back to take a look at a pumpkin door hanger that I had been eyeing. I saw it a few weeks ago and couldn't bare to spend the dollar amount that was listed on the tag. Even though I usually add only one key piece of decor for each season to my collection yearly, it still felt entirely too pricey. 
Much to my surprise, all fall decor was 50% off and this beauty has a new home on our front door!

TWO|| Snuggling with these two. Enough said!

THREE|| The weather has been pretty warm here so we get to enjoy Summer weather a little longer this year which means going to the park. 

FOUR|| Lunch dates with my sweet girls. This week has been a rough week and Thursday was our only day that we actually got out and it was to run errands. If we run errands we will either have a picnic in the park or go out to lunch. This week we treated ourselves to Five Guys. One of our favorites! It was just what I needed. The girl were well mannered and a pleasure to eat with. I was complimented several times how well behaved they were, how cute they were and how I was admired for doing two at a time out to lunch by myself. It was just what I needed to hear to help me shake the very bad week I had. 

FIVE|| The love these two have for one another is undeniable. It melts my heart every single time I see them with each other. I love them BIG!

Happy Friday & Happy Weekending!!!

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