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When I say that everyone around me is pregnant, I mean that literally every function we got to whether it be family or friends someone is pregnant. I am frequently asked what my favorite baby items are since I am a baby gear "guru".  Well I never considered myself a guru of any sort but I do love good, reliable, long-lasting baby gear. With the growing request of my favorite items I decided to put together a quick must have/can't live without list for all of my first or second time Mommy-to-be ladies in my life. 

This has to be our most used baby item and our "go to" baby shower gift. There is nothing harder than finding a clean high chair that is in working order when going out to eat whether it be for a weekend family supper or on a road trip. It's even harder to find two! We almost always use these bad boys and likely will until the Zabies outgrow them. 
These were necessary to have somewhere safe to put our sweet girls when we were preparing supper, tending to a sibling or for an afternoon nap in those very sleepy early days. 
We used the Boppy Lounger until the girls were a year old. Since I was an exclusively-pumping mama, It was easiest to lay my babies in these to keep them slightly elevated while giving them a bottle and simultaneously pumping. 
We used this in place of the swing. We didn't use it a terribly long time but it was well worth the money. The girls loved the car ride option. 
Dr. Brown's Bottles are known for having TONS of parts but we loved them anyway. It was important to me to use a bottle that prevented as much gassiness as possible since the girls already had reflux we didn't want to exacerbate it by using bottles that let in tons of air. 
I had a love/ hate relationship with my pump. I hated it because it took up so much of my time and was extremely painful at times when dealing with mastitis or thrush but I loved it because it made it possible for me to give my girls breastmilk until they were 1 year old. I swore I would use it for target practice when I was finished using it. I didn't and it has a nice home with all the rest of our gear until it's ready to be used again. 
Love, love, love this stroller. It comes as a single variety and you can purchase the second seat to make it a double. It's genius! Most people have to buy a single stroller and then a double when baby number two comes along. They spend way more that way. It's versatility and easy maneuverability are the key factors in which we chose this stroller. I cannot say enough good things about it. Check out their website to see all of the seating combinations. 
We chose this infant carrier because of its high weight and length limits since the babies in our family have all be BIG babies. The Zabies hit the height requirement WAY before the weight. They are still only 29 lbs. 

9. We also used a boppy pillow for nursing or holding one baby at a time. A twin nursing pillow is recommended if you are tandem nursing infant twins.

10. This is the Double Petunia Pickle Bottom Backpack we used for a diaper bag!

Planning and buying for baby is so much fun! I could totally be a professional registry maker for expectant families! Let me know if you have any questions! Happy Tuesday!

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