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Many moons ago when Josh and I lived in Georgia, we lived in our first home together. 
He bought our house months before we first met. 
It was a temporary house for him initially. 
The idea was to buy and sell (making a profit) when it was time for him to move on to another brewery in a different state. 
Long story short- Anheuser-Busch was bought out by InBev and we spent 6 years in our home there and still own it! 
In those 6 years we had many gatherings. 
I love to host parties and dinners, heck,  celebrations of all types!
It was at Thanksgiving dinner, the year before we moved to CNY, when we agreed that we would buy a new dining room table whenever we bought a new house whether it be in Georgia or another state. 
This particular dinner there were over 30 people and not nearly enough space for people to sit for dinner. Folks were on the deck (thankfully it was 65 degrees out), sitting on couches, at folding tables, at the kitchen table and the dining table. 

We agreed that we wanted something bigger so more people could sit together and enjoy one another. 

That following Spring we moved to Syracuse, NY and I was 13 weeks pregnant with twins. 
Guess what? That new table? Didn't happen. 
All of our funds were going into preparing for twins and adjusting to me not working. 
And we both were 100% okay with that. I honestly never thought much about it again.

Fast-forward to our most recent move. Josh mentioned to me in the house-hunting phase, "We should probably decide what size table we want to buy so we can be sure it will fit into the spaces we are considering."
I was so excited!
So here it is. The table I have been waiting for! 
It is perfect for us! It seats 10 without the leaves and 14 with- which is enough to fit both of our immediate families. 
Sure we will still have to use other tables if we had 30 people over for dinner but this will be much more accommodating!

It is also our first big forever purchase as a married couple! 
Weird, right? Everything we've had has been given to us or we purchased individually before we got married. 
It only took us 6 years!

Isn't the wood beautiful. Restoration hardware has incredible quality furniture.
Not to mention the white glove delivery. 

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  1. Funny how life works! So happy for your new addition! It's GORGEOUS!


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