A picture taking tradition


While living in CNY we lived in a beautiful neighborhood on a corner lot that had a magnificent view of a small pond. 
When I was expecting the girls, I scheduled my maternity photos and had every intention to have them taken at Skaneateles Lake- one of the gorgeous Finger Lakes in Central New York. 
Sadly, I went into preterm labor and was put on strict bed rest just a few days before our session. 
Thankfully, our photographer was great and such a trooper to come to our home to photograph us.
I really wanted an outdoor photo or two so we drove over to the pond- all of maybe a football field away {remember, strict bed-rest!} so I could have a couple outdoor photos. 
This started a trend. 
When the Zabies arrived they were so tiny that we didn't want to go far for picture 
taking so we went to our good ole' pond across the street from our house. 
When we had our farewell photo sesh the pond was a must for picture taking. 
I have already blogged for today and don't usually blog twice in one day but today I am missing my home in CNY. 
I was going through our beautiful farewell photos- that I will share really soon, Promise!
Reminiscing about how beautiful CNY is this time of the year with my guy and wanted to share these gorgeous, breath-taking {if you're me} photos of my family and how it has grown in two short years. 
These photos are so special to me and remembering our home + memories there. 

I may insist on having photos taken next to this pond every time we go to visit. 
I'm sure one day the girls will be rolling their eyes and whining about Mommy wanting too many picture and "do we have to take a picture? We do this every time!"
I'm giggling at the thought of it already and can't wait!

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