Throwing back on Thursday...


Last year we went to Georgia to visit my family for Thanksgiving so that most of my family and friends could meet our sweet little ladies. While we were there my Mom wanted to have family pictures taken. She had been asking me for a few years to have pictures of us (me and Josh) taken with her and my Dad, professionally. We always had someone snap a quick picture here or there at family functions but never had any nice photos taken. I gave in and arranged to have our photos taken by a family friend who did a great job. The day was cold but she worked quickly and the photos turned out great, with the exception of my 3 month postpartum body that I still critique in photos... but that isn't anything she could have made better... photoshop? Ha! I kid!... Kinda! I love photography in general but especially love any photos of my girls, my guy or my parents. Looking at these picture brings tears to my eyes because I can not believe a year has passed since the Zabies where this small. Where did my babies go? Time needs to slow down!!!

Josh, Kensington, Quinn and myself with my parents, Nana & Pawpaw. 

Clearly we were still learning how to hold our babies and not look awkward! 

Look at those babes!

Us with my parent again. I just love these pictures and I'm so thankful I gave in to my mom's request!

This guy right here stole my heart many moons ago!

How cute are they? So sweet!
Such great memories from that day. The Zabies had their first experience at Ross' Diner for lunch and also met my God Parents later that day. Sweet, sweet memories.

                                               Thoughts for Thursday


  1. Your family is gorgeous and those twins are too precious!! Thanks for linking up and following along. I'm so happy to find your blog. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one listening to toddler tantrums!! I pray it gets better :)

  2. Love the picture of you all snuggled in on her Hubby! So cute!


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