Very Merry Christmas Eve


Christmas eve was such a nice day. It was everything I had hoped it would be. A lazy, laid back day of playing, snuggling and baking. Nana and Pawpaw ( my parents) were in town from Georgia which made it even better! 
We started the day with baking my guy's favorite cookies in our jams!

The littlest of the chefs were watching very closely to make sure they knew exactly what to do!

Then they did it their way... Which included eating most of the dough. 

And wanting more.

We also made yummy cornflake krispies in the shape of wreaths for our goodie bags we later took to our neighbors. 

Then bagged them up & delivered them!

There was a lot of silliness. 

And eye rolling because Mommy wanted to take lots of pictures. Okay, no eye rolling but I'm sure they would have if they knew how to. 

Snuggling with Pawpaw

and with Nana.

All while I prepped the Red Velvet Cake for Christmas Day. One of our many traditions we have set in place. 

 Snuggling with Daddy was a must on Christmas Eve. 

And riding in their doll strollers. 

We had homemade lasagna for dinner and the girls loved it.

It's another one of our family traditions.
Lasagna on Christmas Eve and it was DELICIOUS!

Later that night we exchanged Christmas eve Pajamas. A tradition Josh and I both had as children and his parents continued into adulthood. 
We have continued it in our own family too. 
I always love seeing what jams Josh picks out for me and picking out jams for him and our girls is so much fun for me!! 
Merry Christmas Eve! Up tomorrow: Christmas Day. 

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