Chicken noodle soup


I have been making a great effort to cook foods that the whole family will eat. I don't give my girls enough credit, they are excellent eaters. I sometimes get stuck in a rut with what I offer them and tend to turn to our go to items. Recently, I have come to realize that they are eat better when they get something totally new and full of flavor. So I decided to try one of mine and Josh's winter favorites, homemade chicken noodle soup. 
They loved it. 
Ate it like champs!
They even enjoyed left-overs for lunch a couple of days later. 
Toddlers are just like adults. They like things that taste good.
Once your child has teeth and is eating solid foods well, soups are a great thing to offer them.

I literally eye everything and don't follow a recipe but thought I'd share. 

Here is what I do:
I boil a whole organic chicken in just enough water to cover it for a few hours on low-medium. 
Chop and sauté three whole organic carrots and one medium onion in separate pan.
Strain chicken out of broth. Let the chicken cool and then de-bone it. 
Add the sautéed veggies to the broth. 
Add additional chicken stock if needed.
Boil kluski noodles in broth until tender.
Add deboned shredded chicken back into pot.
Salt and pepper. 

Next time I'll measure things more specifically. 

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