Friday Favorites


This week was an exciting week at the Zabek house. 

1. Monday we started our first "trial run" of napping only once a day. It was crazy successful with rockstar happy Zabies and I scored these adorable photos of my little ladies sleeping in there cribs. 

2. Tuesday was a two nap kind of day and this dance party happened in between outfit changes. Dance party in our diapers, why not?!

3. Wednesday the Zabies napped once and were extra cute for Mommy to take these adorable pictures. No whining or fussing all day long, WHAT?

4. The Zabies dressed in their our my favorite tees and these piggies are the absolute cutest!

5. This week I realize that the girls have become so animated and full of personality; like crazy silly, sassy, spunky and doing whatever they can to make you laugh or get your attention. They are SO much fun right now!

I just love living life with these two and their Daddy. 

Happy Friday Y'all!

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