Friday Favorites || Sweet morning memories


There are so many sweet moments that took place this morning that I couldn't get enough of and thought I would share them with you.

1. Kensington wanted her sister immediately this morning. So into her crib she went and my heart melted as they loved on each other.

2. They stood laughing and chatting while watching the dogs this morning with their heads tilted in perfectly, as if they were leaning on each other.

3. I grabbed the camera to capture above mentioned moment and Quinn says, "eeezz!" {Cheese} while she turned around to sit in front of the window so that I could take their picture {since we take daily pictures here} I missed the moment but got another super cute picture instead.

 4. Kensington sat unusually close to her sister for the picture and then kissed her after I said all done... yeah I missed that picture too!

5. They both wanted to look at themselves on the camera and they laughed pointing to themselves and one another. It was adorable. I know this will eventually be par for the course but they loved looking at the pictures today and it was a first. The best was when Quinn pointed to Kensington in the picture and said, "sssss."  I'm pretending she was saying sister since I say, " s s sister" or "ba ba ball" when we are practicing the beginning sounds of words.
Patiently waiting to see pictures. 

Can you tell she was literally almost touching my lens by the surprise in her eyes from the flash? Funny Girl!!!

They are just too sweet for words and today they have already melted my heart this morning. Mornings are so much fun with these two. They wake so happy and ready to take on the world...together.. as a team. They are the perfect duo!

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