Weekly Twin Bump Photos


I did not blog through my pregnancy. I don't know why I didn't. Pregnancy Brain?
 I had plenty of time to do so. 
I loved being pregnant and seriously felt the most beautiful I've ever felt.
 In honor of feeling beautiful and pregnant here are my belly shots. 

This photo was taken for my guy. 
He was promoted, no joke, the day after we found out we were expecting which is what moved us to CNY from my deep rooted home in the south, good ole' Georigia. Ahhh! 
He moved to CNY over a month before I did. He missed me and wanted to see my growing belly. 
This is the picture he got. 

We moved from our home in Georgia at 13 weeks arriving at our home in New York at 14 weeks. I didn't get around to taking another weekly photo until 15 weeks. 
My first CNY bump picture. 

We had only been in our new home for a few weeks and hosted our first happy hour. 
It was water and lemonade for this gal. 

Our first trip to Skaneateles, NY. It was a beautiful spring day. 

Date night with my guy. 

My Baby Shower in Georgia with my family.

Baby shower in St. Louis with Josh's family and friends. 

I was clearly exhausted from driving 16 hours home from St. Louis in this photo. 
I. Look. So. Tired. 
{I had no idea what exhaustion was! Ha!} 

Josh was painting a guest bedroom and 
I hopped in for a quick photo and got away from the fumes as soon as possible. 
Messy hair, don't care!

 Another fun date night with my guy. 

We went exploring the finger lakes with my in-laws when they visited. 

One of my ONLY bare belly pictures. 
Dressing your bump is so much fun. 
I much rather a dressed bump picture to a bare bump picture.

My sweet Granny requested a picture of my pretty face and this is what she got!

In July we had a Zabek family reunion and my parent came by {as in drove 4 hours} for a visit. 
It was closer than the 16 hours and this girl missed her mom and dad terribly. 

The week I went into pre-term labor and was put on bed-rest. 
Photo was taken a few days before. 
Can you tell my cervix is dilating and effacing?
Me either!

Yes, technically on bedrest. 
My photographer gracefully came to our house and 
photographed me in bed with the exception of me standing for a few minutes for this photo.

Still on bedrest but a girl has to look good, right?
I had weekly appointments and throughly enjoyed getting spiffied up for them. 

Another request from my sweet Granny to see my sweet face. I'm so thankful she made that request. 
I was heading to another weekly appointment and feeling great. 
Little did I know I was dilated to 4 cm and effaced 90%. 
Can you tell? Yea, me either. 
This was the last photo I took of my lovely baby bump that I adored. 


  1. oh my gosh, you seriously were the cutest preggo ever! I sadly did not enjoy pregnancy as much lol! Totally worth it though :)

    1. Thank you! You are so sweet! I think I was a rarity, I frequently hear of women no enjoying the pregnancy part but totally swooning over the baby part :)


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